This blog is supposed to be something personal, in which I give insight on happenings in the world, or just talk about myself a bit. I will most likely not reveal extremely intimate details about myself, in case friends or family ever come across my blog. I also want to use this as a way for people to get to know me without going through the trouble of pickaxing their way through my many walls of shyness? I wouldn’t really consider myself shy. Although, I am extremely reserved and I hardly open up right away. It takes months, even years to get to know me, and I know that can trouble some. I know I may seem boring or uninterested at times, but I really am not. I too ache for my words to be able to come out easily without me triple thinking and proofreading what I say. Also, I may not post often since I will most definitely triple think what I write, and will end up not writing anything (or just end up deleting everything I wrote. (You can bet your ass I read this thoroughly several times before posting.))